The United World Colleges (UWC) is a group of 18 international schools situated around the globe to foster intercultural understanding and respect. Initiated during the Cold War, the United World College Movement aims to promote understanding among different nations through education and through interaction among young people from different countries by living and learning together. The UWC selects students from around the globe at a pre-university level based on merit, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, educational background, or financial-need. The UWC Scholarship gives students a chance to develop a global and open mind combined with strong academic skills too.



The international organisation of UWC is a British based foundation that is comprised of 18 colleges in Canada, India, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Swaziland, the United States, Japan, Singapore the United Kingdom, Germany, Armenia, Costa Rica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thailand, China (PRC and Hong Kong), and the Netherlands. There are National Committees in more than 140 countries, a network of more than 50,000 graduates from more than 181 countries, and an International Office in London. Each UWC school typically has between 200 and 300 students from about 80 different countries.


The Sino-Japan Youth Conference was founded by Chishio, a former Japanese student from Li Po Chun United World College, in 2009. Since then, LPCUWC was chosen to be the location for our conference. 
The core organisers of the SJYC Committee are recruited from not only Li Po Chun United World College, but also from other United World Colleges, such as Robert Bosch College, as well as participants from past conferences. All organisers fall under the committee structure of Hong Kong Taiwan Region, Japan Region and Mainland China Region with the Regional Directors uniting and communicating with the different committee branches.