Testimonials of Conference 2017

Daniel Peng


These seven days are really amazing. SJYC has been quite an eye open[er] for me. [...] Not only did I get to learn from the amazing team of UWC [students], [more] importantly I got to meet [the] best group of students from mainland China, Japan, and Hong kong.

The people I’ve met at SJYC have never stopped [surprising] me with their amazing talents and very interesting opinions on Sino-Japanese issues.

I heard many [different] ideas from other [participants] and lecture[s]. I also learn[t] the importance of peace. Although we cannot change the whole world through this conference[,] it can really change us. I believe that if we start [on] our own, in the future we can change the whole world. World peace is very hard to achieve but it is n[ot] impossible if we try.

Nanami Hasegawa


SJYC has been one of the most fruitful events I ever had in my life. I was overwhelmed with all of the activities that were planned for us and enjoyed every moment of this conference.

Gordon Leung

Hong Kong

[SJYC 2017] has been a fruitful week. SJYC is definitely one of the most unforgettable experience in my life. It has been a hard time saying goodbye to all of you guys. It is so hard to believe that we only know one another for only one week. For me, everyone in the conference seemed like friends known for years, we chat about everything from daily lives to Sino-Japanese issues with mutual respect. We may have different opinions but we still get along with one another peacefully. I really treasure the our friendship and I believe we can still be friends in the future.


In SJYC, I learnt a lot of new things. It is true that just a conference will not change the world but it definitely has changed all of us. I really hope to spread messages of peace with you guys. It is impossible for one to change the world. But if we start from own community and try to start from changing the people around us, eventually we can change many people. World peace is very very hard to achieve but it is never impossible if we try. Maybe not at this point of time, maybe not in our time but I believe at some point in the future world peace will be obtained if we try to perceive it.

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