SJYC 2022

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice."


- Martin Luther King Jr.


What is the SJYC Summer Conference 2022?

The SJYC Summer Conference is the main event of the SJYC movement. We invite students from Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to gather and experience a week of cultural exchange, friendship, and growth in the Hong Kong Li Po Chun United World College. Participants introduce each other to their own cultures and are able to discuss their opinions in a safe environment. The main goals of the conference are to raise the participants' understanding of cultural difference and historical conflicts between China and Japan, as well as developing skills in conflict management and media literacy, both within SJYC and in a larger context. In addition, the conference helps participants build strong and lasting friendships across the regions, expanding their social networks.


Virtual / Li Po Chun

United World College

of Hong Kong



July 28 - August 3, 2022


Secondary students from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan





SJYC inspired me to create an impact on my community. It helped me understand the causes, symptoms, and solutions to different conflicts in modern society.

I made so many new friends in SJYC. It made me realise the power that we can possess when we accept each other's differences rather than arguing about it.

I have always wanted to experience how living in a UWC is like, since I love engaging people with different cultures and backgrounds. SJYC has made my summer a memorable and honourable one.


Regional Committee

Selection Process

Submit the application form for your regional committee. If you do not identify with any of the below regions, please apply through the Hong Kong committee.


After initial selection by your regional committee, you will be offered a chance to conduct a face to face or online interview by members of your regional committee.


After a final selection by your regional committee, you will receive a confirmation letter regarding your acceptance as a participant to the SJYC 2021 conference. See you soon!

*If you are unsure which regional committee to apply for, or you do not identify with any of the above regions, please apply to the Hong Kong Regional Committee. You may then be redirected to another Regional Committee accordingly.