Testimonials of Conference 2016

Yuki Takahashi


When I decided to join SJYC, I never expected that this conference would teach me such many important lessons. All of the sessions in this conference were thoroughly organised, and I learned many things. I want to briefly introduce two sessions I liked. The first one is the history textbook comparison. In this activity, we compared history textbooks of the two countries and analyzed their difference in explaining the same incidents. I learned that Japanese textbook, which I believed was neutral, was actually biased towards Japan, intentionally choosing photos and using less-emotional words. It taught me that every written material was somehow biased, and it is important to not believe in a single story. Another activity I was impressed by was called the Final Event. Participants were separated into China and Japan team and made political proposals to deal with bilateral issues. I was put into the China team and for the first time in my life, I saw the Sino-Japan issues from China's perspective. It was a great opportunity for me to understand why the Chinese government take strong attitude towards island disputes. I learned how my thoughts were one-sided and how important it was to see things from a different perspective even if I do not agree with it. Although I had difficulties with English, all participants were kind and listened to me and helped me a lot in various scenes.The most valuable thing I gained through this conference are the friendships with students from China, Hong Kong, as well as Japan. I want to maintain these friendships, and keep working on improving Sino-Japan relations.

Douglas Tam Tsz Lok

Hong Kong

The Sino-Japanese Youth Conference 2016 was the continuation of a non-partisan conference organised by students and graduates from United World Colleges around the world.

The conference brought together 25 Chinese (15 from Mainland China and 10 from Hong Kong including me) and 15 Japanese secondary school students, aided by 30 facilitators, to Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, from July 22 to July 28, 2016.

It provided a unique platform for Chinese and Japanese students to come together to engage in cultural understanding, historical interpretation, problem-solving and community service within the
framework of the Sino-Japanese relationship.

To me, the 7 days in SJYC made an irreversibly profound impact on my attitude towards learning and other different aspects.

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