Testimonials of Conference 2015

I was not person who can speak out the idea before I participated in this conference. Many schools in Japan do not have ways of education which everyone talks about an issue. Most of the time, we just listen to what the teachers say and rush our pencils into the notebooks. However, in this conference, we could discuss deeply  for most of the time. For instance, in one of the sessions, we discussed the issue of air pollution between Japan and China. There, each group became either Japanese or Chinese government and tried to find the way for Chinese and Japanese to compromise. Besides, we talked about the Senkaku islands through the activity of media production. Each group became one sort of media and showed how media influences our perspectives. In our group, we made a radio and had listeners from Japan, China, and the USA to say what they think about the sovereignty of the Senkaku islands. Throughout this session, I can achieve a skill of showing respects to other members and listening to others aspects carefully.

Moreover, I also learned the importance of cultural understanding. We enjoyed many activities related to cultural understanding. Before this session, we learned movement of Dragon Dance, we also had a reflection time when we could talk about what we had thought during the conference. Some Chinese participants told us the story of their grandparents during the war times when Japan invaded a part of China. One of them said that their grandparents had just married, but because of the war, they were separated and never met each other again. Tears dropped from their eyes and I recognized how deep the pain was. They might have a negative perspective toward Japan. However, by communicating with Japanese participants during the conference, they were able to realize how enjoyable and interesting disscussion was. Even though we are from different countries and have a complicated history background, by making 'friendshop', we were able to understand each other more. Not just talking about the Sino-Japan issue, but also talking about each culture was very interesting. In this conference, I realized how friendship could be a key for both countries to achieve a closer relation.

I hear many friends in Japan saying that they don’t like China. I think many people are influenced by the media a lot, which makes the bias against China. It is not right to decide whether they like or dislike China even though they never had an experience to communicate with Chinese people. The same issue is happening in China and I know we can solve this by  understanding each other. Many students in Japan are not interested in Sino-Japan relationship. One of the students said in this conference, “China and Japan are neighbors and we can’t avoid this.” Therefore, we have to solve the issues created by us. If we kept ignoring it, it would get worse. Thus, we have to keep going forward and be confident to our ideas. The first step for a solution is to try to speak out our ideas whenever you can, which will make something changed.



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